NPR logo 'Mythbusters' Bobblehead Update: Real Jamie Weighs In On Broken Jamie


'Mythbusters' Bobblehead Update: Real Jamie Weighs In On Broken Jamie

I told you last week about the talking Mythbusters bobblehead known as Broken Jamie, and about my efforts to figure out what to do with him.

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, word reached Real Jamie, and Real Jamie relayed some thoughts about the future of Broken Jamie.

The original Jamie, upon having his hand torn off, would no doubt stitch it back on himself using one of his shoelaces and his multi tool. In the appropriate spirit I would therefore suggest application of a tiny dot of superglue to the broken hand and re-attaching it, as you never know when an extra Jamie could come in handy.

— Jamie Hyneman

In other words, Real Jamie does not support recreational destruction, and does not understand why you would destroy a perfectly good Jamie just for fun when you could, instead, just glue his freakin' hand back on.

Well, that's very ... sensible.

I think I know how Real Adam feels.



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