NPR logo Morning Shots: Is Sully's Heroism More Compelling Than 'We Built This City'?


Morning Shots: Is Sully's Heroism More Compelling Than 'We Built This City'?

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It really seems like the only reason to make a movie about the songwriter behind "We Built This City" is to torment those of us who get "We Built This City" stuck in our heads, despite thinking it's the worst song in the world. (I call this hostile move "the Scott Tobias.")

I'm not sure exactly what goes into the "Sully" Sullenberger movie, other than a very serene older gentleman telling people not to worry. But that's why I'm not in charge of developing films in Hollywood, I suppose.

Here is a discussion of why Anne Hathaway lacks the depth to play the not-at-all-deep main character in the not-at-all-deep book One Day, from a commentator who, it would seem, never saw Hathaway's Oscar-nominated performance in Rachel Getting Married. If she can play that character, she will not struggle with this dopey story.

GLAAD has released its report on the status of gay characters on television, which seems to amount to "good news/bad news."

In an example of "Oh, of course" casting, Christopher Plummer has been added to the cast of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Oh. Well. Of course.

Q: When do you know that you don't have enough things to occupy the part of your mind that gets angry? A: When you are demanding a public apology from a judge on Dancing With The Stars.



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