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Pop Culture Happy Hour: Our Very First Crushes, Albums, And Too-Adult Books

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Now, look. I love every episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour. I love them all equally, like children. Or podcasts.

So I'd never tell you that this, our tenth, is my favorite, because that would be wrong. Also, because we were missing one member of the usual team — our beloved Glen Weldon, who was unable to be with us this week. (We miss you!)

But for this episode, we dug deeply into our own steamer trunks of cultural nostalgia, and hoo boy, we had fun. What were the first albums Trey owned, and why does it take him so long to work up the nerve to tell us? What book did the fantabulous Barrie Hardymon (stepping up again as our ace pinch hitter alongside me, Trey, and Stephen Thompson) stumble across at a young age? What poster graced the ceiling of my childhood bedroom? And did Stephen's first live concert suggest he would one day be a musical tastemaker?

We are counting on you to keep this discussion going. We want to hear about your pop-culture firsts, whether they're embarrassing or not. Give it up! We won't judge you. I think after you hear this slightly supersized episode, you'll agree that we couldn't judge you.

Get all your Pop Culture Happy Hour fun from the Culturetopia podcast, or just put your headphones on right there at work and hit the button.



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