Five Celebrities Who Should Trade Lives With Their Namesakes For TV : Monkey See CBS has a new reality show on tap where celebrities trade places with people who share their names. We have humbly taken it upon ourselves to find some promising possibilities.
NPR logo Five Celebrities Who Should Trade Lives With Their Namesakes For TV

Five Celebrities Who Should Trade Lives With Their Namesakes For TV

Jennifer Lopez (seen on stage this weekend) is one of several celebrities who could add one initial and have a totally different life. Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America hide caption

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America

CBS has announced a new reality show called The Same Name, and it is either the stupidest or most brilliant concept unscripted television has ever seen: Celebrities trade lives with ordinary people with whom they share a name. Seriously: that's it! As is explained here, "For example, a plumber named John Goodman could trade places with the actor John Goodman, who would live the life of a plumber and perform his job during the stunt." Doesn't that sound like utterly awesome TV? JOHN GOODMAN WOULD BE A PLUMBER, YOU SEE.

Naturally, this sent us directly to the Internet to locate some people who can trade lives with celebrities. To do this, we simply added the middle initial "M." So our version of this show could be called, What If Your Middle Initial Were M? (If you want to know how magic of a formula this is, just ask Justin M. Bieber. No, really.)

Jennifer Lopez is a singer, actress, and new host of American Idol. But Jennifer M. Lopez is the proprietor of Pet Pillow Creations, the only place that dares to ask the question, "Are you browsing the internet for a pillow bed for your pet?"

I'm not sure whether I like the idea better of Keith Richards running Keith M. Richards' law office, or the idea of attorney Keith M. Richards rocking out.

Sure, Matthew Morrison is carving out a nice career for himself on Glee. But is he inventing an open axle surgical implant like Matthew M. Morrison? He is not. I, for one, would enjoy seeing a surgical implant inventor on television, and his version of "Bust A Move" couldn't really be any more square than the one we already got from the first Matthew Morrison.

Jessica Simpson is ... well, Jessica Simpson. While Jessica M. Simpson is one of the co-authors of the article "Running reduces stress and enhances cell genesis in aged mice." Or, as other Jessica Simpson calls it, "I like running."

And finally: Jane Lynch is pretty imposing. But how imposing would she be as ... Jane M. Lynch, personal injury lawyer?