NPR logo Morning Shots: Goatherd Still Lonely After Missing 'Sound Of Music' Reunion


Morning Shots: Goatherd Still Lonely After Missing 'Sound Of Music' Reunion

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In order to retain The Hobbit, and at the reported request/demand of Warner Brothers, New Zealand has passed legislation prohibiting the unionization of film workers.

HBO announced yesterday that the upcoming fifth season of Big Love would be the last.

The cast of The Sound Of Music reunited on Oprah yesterday, apparently on the theory that what's wrong with The Sound Of Music is that it needs more Oprah-fication. Too gritty, I tell you.

I am linking to this amusing roundup of American Idol gossip primarily for a very good joke about cruise ships.

A piece at Cinematical considers the matter of whether a documentary might make it into the Best Picture nominations this year — perhaps Waiting For 'Superman.'

It's always nice when an actor who comes from television — not highbrow television, but popular genre television — demonstrates that going that route does not have to be about lacking the chops for other kinds of acting. Consider this review of Zachary Quinto (Sylar from Heroes) in Angels In America.

I can't (and wouldn't) vouch for every single movie in this montage of fifteen years of films from Fox Searchlight, but it does indeed make a pretty good argument that that studio has done some good over that span of time.

And finally: I like to keep my finger right on the pulse of the connection between popular culture and Quakers, so enjoy this NPR story about the origins of Cadbury chocolate.