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Book Club! Book Club! It's That Time Again, People, So Bring Your Ideas

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The time has come, I think, for another round of the I Will If You Will Book Club, which previously brought you Twilight and Moby-Dick, in two very different rounds of slightly hesitant reading.

Inspired by our recent survey — in which we asked you to weigh in on improving the books section — I thought, "Hey, we haven't read a book in a while." So it's time to bring your suggestions for what should be next.

To remind you of the criteria: This should be a book that you sort of want to have read, but you have trouble getting yourself to actually read, either because you fear it will be silly or you fear it will be difficult or you fear it will have thousands of pages of descriptions about the exact circumference of a whale's skull ... okay, sorry. A touch of the post-traumatic, there.

If we can find the right book, we will all read it together. I do suggest you try to find something slightly shorter than Moby-Dick, which started out with a pretty big crowd and wound up at the end as mostly a spectacle of people watching me and Marc try to finish the book without destroying ourselves or each other.

Once we pick a book, we'll talk more about format — whether you really like the live chats, whether you just want us to throw out a question, or what you think works best. For the time being, let's concentrate on finding a book. Remember, no fair making it a book you're going to read anyway. It should be one where our joint will can help you get through the difficult (or vampiric) sections.