NPR logo Morning Shots: Hey, Don't Blame '127 Hours' If You Pass Out At The Movies


Morning Shots: Hey, Don't Blame '127 Hours' If You Pass Out At The Movies

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According to comments made at a conference this week, movie studios are looking at ways to limit availability of online streaming on services like Netflix. The most honest line, perhaps, came from Universal's Craig Kornblau, who said, "We don't have an obligation to give consumers what they want when they want it." Of course, consumers also don't have an obligation to buy what the studio wants to sell them at the time and in the manner it wants to sell it to them. There's the rub.

I am crazy about this video from Scientific American, in which the neuroscience of magic is explored. See, they can't fool you without your easily fooled brain, right?

Donald Trump claims to be "seriously considering" running for President. Well, thank goodness.

So some lady passed out right in her seat during the recent premiere in L.A. of 127 Hours — that would be the self-amputation movie coming out this Friday. But director Danny Boyle points out that it wasn't the amputation part that did it. It was reportedly long before the amputation part. Meaning she's probably lucky she didn't make it to the amputation part.

There are a couple of very good choices in this list of last lines that have killed the movies to which they were attached. Yes, we're looking at you, Andie MacDowell. Emphasis on "dowel."

Whoopi Goldberg is serious about family-friendly stuff on Broadway, including her new production of Sister Act. Take that, Rent.

And finally: breaking my heart this morning is the report that Jo Frost is quitting her job as Supernanny to start a family of her own. Nooooo! Who will teach me how to count to ten when I get angry instead of breaking everything on my desk?