NPR logo Morning Shots: See Jason Segel Just Hanging With The Muppets, As One Does

Morning Shots: See Jason Segel Just Hanging With The Muppets, As One Does

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Of all the things that seem like they could easily go wrong on the extreme weight-loss show The Biggest Loser, you might not anticipate a labor dispute.

Please enjoy this image from Jason Segel's upcoming Muppet film — which won't be out until the end of next year, so don't be in a hurry. But ... but ... Kermit! Sweetums! THE SWEDISH CHEF!

You know, if you own a million-dollar violin, perhaps you should attach it to yourself with little clips, like people do with mittens. Because you're not always going to be lucky enough to get it back if you leave it on the train.

Amazon is increasing the percentage that magazine and newspaper publishers can keep for themselves when their stuff sells through the Kindle Store — apparently by a lot. The catch? Publications have to be available using all of Kindle's apps and platforms.

Slashfilm rounds up some recent news about the 21 Jump Street movie. Wait, did you forget there was a 21 Jump Street movie?

You know, I normally wouldn't find anything in Us magazine particularly noteworthy, but as a tiny tiny tidbit of the kind of news we usually skip: former Bachelor Jake Pavelka may be piloting commercial flights again. Hmm. Perhaps that plan to become a massively famous show-business figure isn't panning out as he hoped. I wonder if his creepy displays of temper had anything to do with it.