NPR logo Morning Shots: Cee-Lo Sings, Paisley Wins, And Bush Sells Lots Of Books


Morning Shots: Cee-Lo Sings, Paisley Wins, And Bush Sells Lots Of Books

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Cee-Lo Green dropped by The Colbert Report Tuesday night, and with the obvious warning that a song I can only describe as "F—- You" contains strong language, you might want to check out how it went.

With Radio City Music Hall occupied, the Tony Awards need a new location, and they've settled on the Beacon Theatre.

Today's must-see video is this intensely creepy tour of the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans, which hasn't been used since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Country music fans, take note: Brad Paisley finally won Entertainer Of The Year at last night's Country Music Association Awards, after losing out a few times in a row.

According to Movieline, Glee is rethinking past plans to do a "stunt" episode for its coveted post-Super Bowl spot, and may do a regular episode instead. If some of the recent stunt episodes are any indication, this could be a very, very smart piece of "rethinking."

Slashfilm has thoughts on a Deadline report that Wes Anderson is assembling quite a cast for his upcoming Moon Rise Kingdom, including Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, Bruce Willis, Ed Norton, and Bill Murray.

George W. Bush's memoir, Decision Points, sold 220,000 copies on its first day, a fifth of which were e-Books.

And speaking of electronic book sales, The New York Times has announced that it will offer fiction and nonfiction e-book best-seller lists starting next year.

And speaking of the Times, its own Alastair Macaulay is undertaking a Nutcracker marathon this holiday season, in which he intends to see at least 20 productions before he's through.