NPR logo Morning Shots: Bill Clinton Joins 'The Hangover 2,' Apparently Not A Joke


Morning Shots: Bill Clinton Joins 'The Hangover 2,' Apparently Not A Joke

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I'm just going to give you the headline right here: "Bill Clinton Joins Cast Of The Hangover 2." I have an overwhelming urge to nod and say, "That oughtta do it," but I don't even know what "it" is.

There's a thoughtful piece at Salon about the death of movie stunts in the age of digital effects and crazy-fast editing. Very, very good stuff.

Haven't you always wished that they would merge The Bachelor and Survivor somewhere except in my fanciful noggin? Why, sure you have. And now, the resulting show, Love In The Wild, has been greenlit. Well, thank goodness.

Speaking of great headlines, I also love "Why Modern Books Are All Too Long." It's very Grampa Simpson. ("I am not a crackpot.")

I'm not sure why anyone would want to play Quidditch if it didn't involve ... you know, flying, but there was a big Quidditch World Cup in New York over the weekend, and if you really feel curious about what that means, go to the tape.

Surprisingly enough, it turns out that Kanye West had help preparing for what turned out to be a fairly fraught appearance on Today. Not sure whether the joke here is "Great job, PR firm!" or "That PR firm has the worst job in all of recorded history," but there it is.

James Frey fans — and perhaps especially James Frey non-fans — may be interested in this piece from New York Magazine about Frey's new venture, in which he attempts to partner with young writers to create highly commercial fiction franchises. Popular online writer John Scalzi weighs in. (Warning: language. Scalzi is one of those non-fans.)

Haven't heard enough about the upcoming Muppet movie? The drone of new information continues with these actually interesting set photos!