NPR logo Remember That Bully From 'Glee'? He's Got An 'It Gets Better' Video


Remember That Bully From 'Glee'? He's Got An 'It Gets Better' Video


You may remember last week's episode of Glee, in which a certain bully let loose with some unexpected behavior when Kurt confronted him. (Hey, I'm sorry about the vagueness, I'm just trying to protect you long-term DVR-savers from yourselves.) (And my inbox from your e-mails.)

Weeeeeell, anyway, the actor who plays the bullying Dave has posted his very own video for the It Gets Better project launched by Dan Savage, aimed at providing support to bullied teenagers — particularly those bullied for being gay. "Being who you are is what's awesome," he says with a smile. "It's what makes you special, interesting, fun to talk to, [and] desirable."

Aw, Max Adler. You seem so much less scary now!



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