NPR logo Morning Shots: Darlene Love Gets Her Due, And Jon Favreau Steps Aside


Morning Shots: Darlene Love Gets Her Due, And Jon Favreau Steps Aside

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The big movie news is that Jon Favreau has bowed out of Iron Man 3. Having not loved Iron Man 2 nearly the way I loved Iron Man, I'm not sure this is an entirely bad thing, but Favreau has certainly put himself on the map as a director.

Meanwhile, Time has announced that its Person Of The Year is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, whose site continues to grow and the cinematic tale of whom may very well win Best Picture come spring.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has chosen for induction Neil Diamond, Alice Cooper, Tom Waits, Dr. John, and my personal favorite: Darlene Love. If you have by any chance forgotten about the greatness that is Darlene Love, she does this every year, among other things. (If you have time, I also highly recommend this, which is just ... one of the most awesome things ever, and that's as articulate as I can be about it.)

Can Extremities do for Katie Holmes what it famously did for Farrah Fawcett? She may be hoping it will.

The Awl, which is well worth checking out, will be paying its writers as of January 1. They've got an interesting model that is, as they note, not designed to "reward pageview-hustling." Imagine that!

I can't particularly argue with any of The A.V. Club's 15 worst movies of 2010, with the exception of the fact that I might admit slightly less hatred of Letters To Juliet than they had. But other than that, the ones I've seen of these? Oh, yes. Any additional opportunity to put a metaphorical spear through The Bounty Hunter, I heartily support.

Jane Lynch is often good for a great quote here and there, and her latest notes that the late lamented Party Down might well have done better in England.