NPR logo Morning Shots: Very Cheap Toys, Law And Comics, And Movies For Girls


Morning Shots: Very Cheap Toys, Law And Comics, And Movies For Girls

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Maybe one of my favorite end-of-year features is back: The A.V. Club's Cheapest Toy Roundup. I can almost promise you that this will make you laugh, and if it doesn't, at least you'll know more about choking hazards.

The L.A. Times has this look at Steve Landesberg of Barney Miller, who died yesterday.

Problems continue for the Spider-Man musical, and the latest injury, sadly, looks like it may be worse than some of the minor scrapes that have happened thus far. Everybody's had some fun teasing the spectacle here, but nobody wants anybody to actually get hurt, so best wishes to all.

The New York Times looks at a blog that investigates the intersection between law and comic books. What do you mean, that seems obscure?

One of my favorite writers, New York Magazine's Adam Sternbergh, is headed to The New York Times Magazine as a culture editor. Adam has written many thoughtful and marvelous pieces, including a take on Jimmy Fallon that I wish I'd written myself, but I cannot tell a lie: I mostly want to take this opportunity to refer you to the elegantly hilarious 2002 poem O Edward Norton!, which he wrote for the dearly departed site Fametracker.

And finally: more from Cinematical's Girls On Film series: a selection of movies you can give as gifts for girls and women who like their films to follow the Bechdel Rule. What's the Bechdel Rule? Read more.