NPR logo Morning Shots: Rejoice! Justin Bieber Fans Can Enjoy Gritty Television Again


Morning Shots: Rejoice! Justin Bieber Fans Can Enjoy Gritty Television Again

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If you've been waiting patiently for Justin Bieber to come back to CSI, your wish has been granted: he'll be back in February. So you can return to your normal activities.

Meanwhile, if you haven't been waiting for that, maybe you've been waiting for the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice! Or at least the new cast. You can check out a preview at Entertainment Weekly. Oh, Richard Hatch.

Noel Murray at the A.V. Club takes an unexpected look at a TV show that doesn't get a whole lot of online reviews: Wheel Of Fortune.

I haven't been following Law & Order: Los Angeles, but it hasn't taken long for it to follow in the footsteps of the original Law & Order and start shuffling the cast — beginning with, as is traditional, the young and pretty ADAs, but now also including Skeet Ulrich.

An interesting note about Conan — the show was already known to be strong in the very youngest viewing segments, but as it turns out, if you count DVR numbers (and whether or not to count DVR numbers is controversial, depending on whom you ask), Conan O'Brien's show leads not only in the 18-34 demo, but also in 18-49. So he's basically beating everybody in adults all the way up to 50, which is about as good a showing as TBS could probably have been hoping for.

Do you like product placement? Of course you do. So you're sure to enjoy this little video that gives a nice history of it and points out that while it's taken off since, say, the '80s, it's certainly not entirely a new phenomenon.