NPR logo Morning Shots: Kanye Unsure Whether To Admire Himself Or Wind His Watch


Morning Shots: Kanye Unsure Whether To Admire Himself Or Wind His Watch

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Yesterday, while I was still not at the Television Critics Association press tour, the group paid a visit to Conan O'Brien, and Dan Fienberg at Hitfix has a good write-up. Sometimes, it's important to transcribe sentences that can't even be fully formed.

Kanye West has a watch featuring a picture of himself. Come on. That is amazing. It may not be good, but it is amazing. People like Cinderella watches and Mickey Mouse watches, but you can basically trump them all if you're like, "Oh, yeah? Well, this is my me watch." (via Vulture)

Two pieces of ratings news. First, the bad news for FX: Having already suffered the death of the critically beloved Terriers, the network has premiered the critically beloved Lights Out, only to find that even fewer people watched it than watched Terriers.

Second, the good news for BET: The CW canceled The Game in 2009, but tenacious campaigning brought it back on BET — where it drew more than seven and a half million viewers on Tuesday night, making it the most-watched telecast in BET history. How many viewers, by the way, is 7.7 million? Well, weekly ratings aren't out yet, but it would have been the highest-rated scripted show on cable had it aired the previous week.

Gizmodo has a look at PBS's new iPhone app. Just another thing I cannot enjoy with my graceless monkey fingers.

Survivor has finally officially announced that the final two contestants for the upcoming "Redemption Island" season will be returning competitors Russell Hantz and "Boston" Rob Mariano. This is big news to everyone who follows only official Survivor news and never reads, for instance, Andy Dehnart's Reality Blurred, where this was reported back in July.