NPR logo We Reveal The Mythical Beast You Helped Build: Behold Chicktopus

We Reveal The Mythical Beast You Helped Build: Behold Chicktopus

A few weeks ago on Pop Culture Happy Hour, Stephen Thompson told the story of sitting around with his nine-year-old son, who was devising a sort of Dungeons And Dragons-style game in which he imagined (and mapped) various rooms holding various items and creatures, and Stephen had to navigate them. Along the way, through a very, very strange set of circumstances, he wound up encountering both a chicken and an octopus. Father and son eventually decided to merge the chicken and the octopus and call it Chicktopus.

(I should stress, it wasn't until later that any of us learned that the Cartoon Network show Chowder had featured a Chicktopus once, though a million monkeys at a million typewriters creating a million cartoons with a million amusing creatures ... well, you know. You especially know if you heard Modern Family come up with the "Croctopus" last night, when I'm pretty sure they've never heard of either of the Chicktopi. Anyway, I was there when the Thompson men spliced the DNA, so to speak, and I can say with great confidence that the hysterical laughter was entirely borne of having no idea anyone had ever thought of this, EVER. Nonetheless, we acknowledge you as an accidental ancestor, Chowder Chicktopus.)

At any rate, after that show, we received a drawing of Chicktopus from a listener and decided that it was vitally important that we solicit additional imaginings of Chicktopus. We now are thrilled to present to you this slideshow of the many faces of Chicktopus that our listeners gave us. We are more thankful than you can really imagine to those who took the time to contribute. By the way — viewing it at full screen is strongly recommended (button down in the right corner), because there are some most excellent captions scribbled on some of these pictures.

(The funniest thing I've heard about these drawings came from one of our new NPR interns, who dryly noted, "Some of these are ... a little dark.")

And so they are. And so they are.

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