NPR logo Morning Shots: Hollywood Foreign Press Association Sued For 'Payola'


Morning Shots: Hollywood Foreign Press Association Sued For 'Payola'

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NOT THE INTEGRITY OF THE GOLDEN GLOBES! A former publicist for the Golden Globes is suing the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in which he claims, among other things, that the HFPA took "payola" — flat-out bribes from studios in exchange for nominations.

I'm always up for a good list of movies that pay tribute to radio, even if it does sort of treat radio like it doesn't exist anymore, AHEM.

Those who like wacky Community episodes will rejoice, and those who are sick of wacky Community episodes will not, at the news that creator Dan Harmon is planning a Dungeons & Dragons-themed episode.

Two delays of note: First, the opening of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark has been delayed ... again. It's being bumped from February 7 to March 15 in order to, among other things, "add a new ending." Zoiks.

Second, The Daily — the iPad newspaper being planned by News Corp. and Apple, is being delayed because of subscription glitches.

What's a "promercial"? If you don't already know, you might not want to find out, lest you become depressed. (Hint: You wouldn't want to miss out on a chance to watch product placement on Cougar Town, would you?)

Colin Firth, as you might expect from an actor of his general deliciousness, kind of doesn't think actors are all that big of a deal — as he puts it, "We're not getting attention because we're important." Oh, and he did it while being touted for an Oscar and getting a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. "The people who do household repairs are equally important," he says, "but you don't do household repairs for millions and millions of people."

And finally, Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg are teaming up for a movie called I Hate You Dad. Alternate title: No, That's Okay, You Go And Just Tell Me How It Was.