NPR logo Morning Shots: Will Ferrell Comes To 'The Office' For A Visit. Hmm.


Morning Shots: Will Ferrell Comes To 'The Office' For A Visit. Hmm.

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The Comcast takeover of NBC has led to plenty of questions about the network's future; The New York Times looks at a presentation that will take place today from one of the guys involved.

Speaking of NBC, the network announced yesterday that Will Ferrell is coming to The Office for a multi-episode arc that will begin before and end after Steve Carell leaves the show near the end of the season. Speaking strictly personally: This does not seem like a good idea at all. Obvious, but not good.

A smart piece from Shani O. Hilton at The Atlantic considers why fans get so upset about reboots, and cites as one reason "a false sense of ownership over art."

And speaking of reboots, Wired offers a list of ten things that are essential to a successful new Wonder Woman TV show.

How much does an Oscar actually mean to the career and success of a film or an actor? In the spirit of wondering about the importance of this week's nominations, here's one look at this complicated question, the answer to which seems to be "It depends."

And continuing on the topic of the Oscars, there are two things currently happening with nomination leader The King's Speech: First, the movie is making some extra money. Second, producer Harvey Weinstein is considering creating a version of the film without the swearing that earned it a rather ridiculous R rating (presumably for a scene where the king explores the fact that he doesn't stutter when he's shouting profanity). His hope is that this will get more families to the movie, but don't expect this move to be well-received.