NPR logo Morning Shots: What Would Punxsutawney Phil Collins Say About This?


Morning Shots: What Would Punxsutawney Phil Collins Say About This?

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In honor of Groundhog Day, if you're curious about what Punxsutawney Philip Glass, Punxsutawney Phillip Marlowe, and Punxsutawney Phyllis Diller might have to say about this holiday, check out Monkey See contributor Glen Weldon, who's been pursuing this idea on Twitter all morning.

If I had to cast a vote for Weirdest Thing People Are Currently Upset About, I think I'd throw my vote to the fact that the new Superman is a Brit. But if you're curious about this most curious controversy, there's more here.

The news that Cee Lo and Gwyneth Paltrow will perform together at the Grammys might not surprise you. But what if we add Muppets? WHAT THEN?

There's a little more on Ricky Gervais' claim yesterday that he'd been invited back to host the Golden Globes again. It seems that he sort of was, but not by the Hollywood Foreign Press.

Of all the reboots that Hollywood has attempted, I'm not sure any will encounter as much inherent, stubborn resistance as Fletch. Good luck with that.

Pop Candy notes that Pee-wee Herman's Broadway performance will air on HBO March 19.

And one final note: January box office was down 25 percent from last year, thanks in part to no successful giant Christmas holdovers. So if you feel like the last month or two at the movies has been a little lackluster with the blockbusters, you're not imagining it.