Oscars 2011: The 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Oscar Nominees, Soap Eternity, And Shakespeare

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When we left last week's episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour, panelist Stephen Thompson had vowed that he would see the remaining eight Best Picture nominees he hadn't yet seen between that episode and this one. This week, he'll report back on how he did, and we'll all share thoughts on the nominees, from the performances to the pacing to which one could have benefited from a stronger editing hand (and we can even recommend one!).

(I should mention: we did our best to avoid major spoilers, but if you want to know nothing about these movies and the dynamics that make them interesting or not, you'll want to skip it. In other words, we did what we could within reason, but we leave it to you.)

After that, we move on to another installment of the Regrettable Television Pop Quiz, featuring a special appearance by actual (sort of) scripted television, which leads to a discussion of just how slowly time moves in the afternoon.

Finally, we'll touch on what's making us happy this week, and it's quite a bunch of stuff, from overheard discussions to great writing to — yes — "Shakespeariana," so perhaps you'll find something that will inspire you to feel happy as well.

As always, you can follow us on Twitter: follow me, Stephen, Trey, Glen and Mike, and we'll keep you up to date on what we're pondering. You can also find us on Facebook, where we take topic suggestions, answer questions, and lots more.

A couple of things we talked about:

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