NPR logo Morning Shots: Why Yes, They Are Remaking 'The Bodyguard.' Hooray!


Morning Shots: Why Yes, They Are Remaking 'The Bodyguard.' Hooray!

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If you've been missing The Bodyguard since 1992 — the carrying, the brooding, the falling in love with your protector, the "AAAA-IIIIIIEEE-AAAAA-IIIIII-EEEE-AIIIEEE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOOOOOO," you'll be glad to know there's a remake in the works. Thank goodness, right?

It's kind of sad to see FX's John Landgraf saying he'd never make Damages now, because if a serialized drama doesn't have a chance on FX, I don't know where it has one. But there's no question that launching a successful series with a continuing story has become a massively difficult endeavor. Vive la NCIS, I suppose.

If you want to know what's going to happen on the Oscars, you need to ask a famous Oscar. Perhaps a grouchy one.

There's an interesting piece in The Atlantic about the role of humor in the recent events in Egypt.

So you want to spend a lot of extra money to see movies in 3D, but you're worried that you don't look cool in the glasses. Fortunately, manufacturers are here for you with fashionable, cute 3D glasses that will only make you look like three-quarters of a complete dweeb. (via Movieline)

The people who make the Oscars are certainly going all-out to promote the idea that Anne Hathaway and James Franco will be the most enjoyable hosts ever. The most recent strategic leak: this promo "outtake" (which certainly appears to be no such thing) in which Hathaway interrupts one performance with another.