NPR logo Morning Shots: Let's Focus On The Good News For Jim Parsons, Okay?


Morning Shots: Let's Focus On The Good News For Jim Parsons, Okay?

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In the ongoing slow-motion disaster movie that is Charlie Sheen, yesterday brought a new development: Warner Brothers (which produces Two And A Half Men) officially fired Sheen from the show, which had previously only been scrapped for the remainder of the season. Sheen threatened to sue, called people names, and wound up on top of a building waving a machete around. For real. For an actual discussion of the possible business implications of this decision, turn to Alan Sepinwall's piece at Hitfix.

The good news for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark is that appearing in the news next to Charlie Sheen makes its troubles look relatively minor — even new reports that director Julie Taymor is being asked to either work with some new collaborators to make changes or leave the show herself.

In other stage news, Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory is headed for his Broadway debut in Larry Kramer's The Normal Heart, along with Lee Pace, formerly of Pushing Daisies. Nice!

Interesting thoughts from one analyst who isn't crazy about 3D and expensive concessions as a profit strategy for movie theaters.

HBO has a new project in the works from novelist Michael Chabon and his wife Ayelet Waldman, in which "a motley group of con men and magicians ... use their skills at deception to battle Hitler and his forces." All righty, then.

Aww. This is apparently the cake that was provided yesterday, on Steve Carell's last day on The Office.