Culturetopia: Fish Out Of Water Edition : Monkey See This week: The Book Of Mormon, the future of the incredibly popular app Angry Birds, and a piece about Egyptian antiquities that might be missing or damaged.
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Culturetopia: Fish Out Of Water Edition

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NPR's roundup of the week's best arts pieces is up. Luckily for everyone, it contains a feature about The Book of Mormon, one of the best-reviewed new shows on Broadway. Leave it to Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park to create "an oddly sweet musical peppered with filthy jokes," according to our reporter in New York who saw it.

And we've got a look at what the future holds for crazy-popular app Angry Birds, and a discussion with filmmaker Julian Schnabel about presenting a Palestinian point of view in his new movie Miral.

Foreign correspondent Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson makes her Culturetopia debut with this absorbing piece from Egypt about archaeologists' concerns about antiquities that went missing or were damaged during the political uprising and an interview of with the author of new book about how auto-correct can make good texts go very, very bad.

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