NPR logo Morning Shots: Don't Look Now, Oprah, But Katie Couric Is After Your Spot


Morning Shots: Don't Look Now, Oprah, But Katie Couric Is After Your Spot

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Former NBC executive Ben Silverman may be getting ready to announce a deal with the network for a new reality show. That's medium-sized news. What makes it potentially big news is that it's a fashion-design competition show run by Magical Elves, the production company behind the seasons of Project Runway that were, you know, good.

It appears that Katie Couric's time at CBS Evening News is nearing an end, and reports on her plans leave me with the distinct impression that she sees an Oprah-shaped hole in the universe that she might be just the person to fill.

Never underestimate Chuck fans: The show pulled out a victory over the weekend in Hulu's "Best In Show" competition, beating out Dexter in a contest run mostly on fan voting.

So what happened to The King's Speech when they changed it from R to PG-13 in a widely criticized bit of editing? Not much, according to at least some box-office analysts. In other news, Hop was all rabbity all over Source Code and Insidious.

The Guardian has a look at brand sponsorships and bands, focusing on the story of OK Go.

Don't know if you've heard this story, but there was this guy who had no notable live performance experience, and with a couple of weeks' notice, he decided to put together a live tour where people could come to be there in person to hear him talk about being fired and arrested and smoking crack. Shockingly, the first night didn't go very well, but on the second night, he received a standing ovation from the people who chose, in the middle of a worldwide tsunami/earthquake relief effort, to give him their money so they could attend in case something REALLY terrible happened that they could capture on cell-phone video. More here.