Culturetopia: Ambitious Travelers Edition

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This week we're going to travel far and wide for our weekly roundup of NPR's best arts and cultural stories.

Bob Mondello takes us all the way to outer space in the movies. In the real world, space travel has been the domain of governments, but in the movies private corporations go beyond global, from Pan Am in 2001: A Space Odyssey to Buy 'n Large in Wall-E.

Singer Ledisi has traveled the distance from opera to R+B in her career. She takes host Guy Raz on a trip through her new album.

Morning Edition commentator John Ridley goes back 20 years, to the release of the film Boyz N the Hood, along with director John Singleton and star Cuba Gooding Jr.

Critic Ken Tucker says that Dolly Parton places herself in the here-and-now on her new album, talking about the current state of the economy in an album aimed at a commercial, mainstream audience.



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