Morning Shots: SNL Spares The Axe, Plus Your Week Just Died Of Cetacean Cuteness

a cup of coffee

Do you have $812 that you would like to give to Björk? Then Björk has a special edition of her upcoming album Biophilia that she would like to talk to you about. Four words: silk-screened tuning forks.

In a joint effort from the always-buzzing Is-This-Strictly-Necessary? Department and the slightly-pokier Ministry Of News-Involving-Morrissey-Where-He's-NOT-Running-His-Mouth-Off-Like-A-Complete-Prat, somebody somewhere is trying to turn Smiths songs into comic books. (Here is a gallery of what he has in mind.) Next up: the Cure catalogue, courtesy of Pixar.

Les jeunes de Paris will live to dance another day: All of Saturday Night Live's current castmembers and featured players are returning next season. Your theory that Abby Elliott possesses incriminating photographs of someone or other just got a little more convincing.

Trent Reznor doesn't want you to buy the new reissue of Nine Inch Nails's Pretty Hate Machine. Well, somebody's new Oscar sure is making them a little cocky.

What goes through the mind of a beluga as it watches a mariachi band perform for it on the other side of the aquarium glass? Joy at the knowledge that literal and metaphorical barriers are no match for openhearted cultural exchange between species? A desire to reciprocate by sharing its Firefly fanfic? Irritation that nobody seems to know that whales actually prefer ska?



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