Morning Shots: Hi-Ho, Silver! Wait, Not So Fast, There, Horse! : Monkey See This morning: Disney pulls back the reins (sorry) on the new Lone Ranger, a couple of old franchises are going to see new life (or perhaps "life"), and one screenwriter decides to get some attention in a way that could literally blow up in his face.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Hi-Ho, Silver! Wait, Not So Fast, There, Horse!

Morning Shots: Hi-Ho, Silver! Wait, Not So Fast, There, Horse!

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If you were looking forward to seeing Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in a new version of The Lone Ranger directed by Gore Verbinski (who handled Depp in the first three Pirates movies), you'll be sad to hear reports that budget "clashes" have shut down production. And that it might be Cowboys And Aliens' fault.

A potentially interesting project: Patti Smith has teamed up with playwright and screenwriter John Logan to adapt her memoir Just Kids.

The Denver Post examines the question of whether all the dancing that's currently happening on your television is bringing this "once-aloof art form" any additional bodies at live performances.

Two fine pieces on the state of network television: John Doyle considers whether network television is dying, and the awesomely curmudgeonly Tim Goodman issues a report card on the five broadcast networks that includes great phraseology like "a schedule full of 'meh.'"

Hands up if you've been waiting for more Austin Powers and Bridget Jones. Higher. Raise them up. Ah, there you are. Have I got good news for you!

How not to impress the people you're hoping will be your future bosses: "Script Left At Beverly Hills Talent Agency Blown Up By Police."

There's certainly been plenty of back and forth about the complex racial politics in the new film The Help, but if you're looking for a solid explanation of the point of view that says the film is troubling, Matt Zoller Seitz does a fine job over at Salon.

And finally: On Saturday night, people threw stuff at Charlie Sheen. So if you're still interested in that whole deal, here it is.