Culture Yourself: Today At NPR : Monkey See A quick trip through arts and culture at NPR brings you Nigerian musician Femi Kuti, a mountain that might or might not be named after John Denver, and an exploration of whether improvisational theater can help Alzheimer's patients.
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Culture Yourself: Today At NPR

From Morning Edition, an intriguing story about whether participating in theater improv can help early-stage Alzheimer's patients by engaging their creative abilities.

If you've ever named ANYTHING, you know how completely miserable that experience can be — also from Morning, here's a story about naming tech companies. (Did you know Google could have been named BackRub?)

Who doesn't love completely amazing dog photos? Nobody, that's who. Check out this wonderful story and photo gallery.

And in movie news, Dominic Cooper talks about playing a dual role in The Devil's Double.

Today on Tell Me More, Nigerian artist Femi Kuti talks about the musicians who inspire him, including Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie.

All Things Considered has this story about the effort to name a mountain peak for John Denver, which apparently is not going over with everyone. (Audio should be available before too long.)

Did you check out the First Listen at NPR Music that allows you to listen to The Green Album, in which many artists you like cover Muppet songs? Well, seriously.

My pals in music also dropped the Gaby Moreno Tiny Desk Concert on the site today, so if you need a little something to listen to, check that out.

Finally, from our friends at the classical blog Deceptive Cadence, a game about drinking and opera. No, really. Go!