NPR logo Morning Shots: Trusting Betty White And Singing With Your Family


Morning Shots: Trusting Betty White And Singing With Your Family

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I very much enjoyed this article about anti-nostalgia, the existence of things we are glad are gone and do not miss at all. Because: Seriously.

Ashton Kutcher is in some hot water for guest-editing an online version of Details magazine, in which reports say he didn't disclose that he is an investor in eight of the 12 tech products featured in a special section.

Who's the world's highest paid author? If you said "James Patterson," give yourself a smack with an incredibly popular hardcover book.

Ready to see the singing-competition show merge with the adorable-family show? American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance producer Nigel Lythgoe has you covered, as he is talking about a new program to find our next singing family.

When I read that Betty White is our "most trusted" celebrity, I can't help thinking ... to do what? Be adorable? Be funny? Love animals? I mean, yes, I trust her more than some of the people on the "least trusted" list, but the whole idea of celebrity trust seems rather bizarre.

Did you hear yesterday that Ridley Scott is returning to direct a new Blade Runner film? Because if you didn't, you don't have your ear to the ground, dystopian-future-wise.

And finally: Your Jeremy Piven/Entourage movie update.