Morning Shots: Charlie Sheen's Roast Happened This Weekend, If You Care : Monkey See Weekend roasting, a big take for Boardwalk Empire at the creative arts Emmys, and the return to television of Carrie Bradshaw, in this morning's roundup.
NPR logo Morning Shots: Charlie Sheen's Roast Happened This Weekend, If You Care

Morning Shots: Charlie Sheen's Roast Happened This Weekend, If You Care

Charlie Sheen's roast was taped this weekend; if you want to know how that went, you can check out this summary in the Los Angeles Times. I will not be covering it when it airs. Because: gross.

A while ago, in a feature in The Hollywood Reporter, I predicted that HBO's Boardwalk Empire would take the Emmy for Outstanding Drama away from AMC's Mad Men. This weekend at the Creative Arts Emmys, Boardwalk positively cleaned up, taking seven awards. Beating Mad Men for the big prize would still be an upset, but it's definitely making me feel like that pick isn't as crazy as it might have looked.

If you want to become depressed — okay, more depressed — over the difficulty broadcast television has in coming up with ideas everyone else hasn't already had, check out this amusing list from the A.V. Club of similarly themed shows that debuted at basically the same time.

Whatever you think of the idea that major literary prizes should go to enjoyable books, I am utterly charmed by the statement made by the chair of the Booker Prize judging panel: "We wanted people to buy these books and read them. Not buy them and admire them." Of course, not everyone is on board. This particular column seems entirely comfortable harumphing over praise given to books the writer has seemingly not even read, on the basis that they are being made fun of on "online comment boards." Oh, mercy.

If you think television just hasn't been the same since Carrie Bradshaw went away, take heart: the CW has bought a TV adaptation of Candace Bushnell's The Carrie Diaries, which traces Bradshaw's adventures in high school. (The CW is, after all, the most logical place.) Producers include Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who also produce Gossip Girl. Of course, it seems a little bit like you might be able to just watch Gossip Girl twice and save a lot of production money.

Forbes has the story of how the Huffington Post and Patch (its hyperlocal blogging platform) are preparing to use unpaid teenagers as content providers. Not everyone is super-excited about this idea.

Tonight is the Miss Universe pageant telecast, and there is indeed Miss Universe news this morning: all contestants have been reminded to wear underwear. Yes, really.

Today in completely unnecessary 3D conversions and rereleases: Top Gun is next.