NPR logo Culture Yourself: Today At NPR For Monday, September 12, 2011


Culture Yourself: Today At NPR For Monday, September 12, 2011

Today's Talk Of The Nation featured the fall television trend of inept men trying to get by in a woman's world. You know how it is. Fresh Air, on the other hand, featured an interview with a truly awesome woman: Margo Martindale, who's nominated for an Emmy for her work on Justified. But critic David Bianculli notes that there doesn't really seem to be much to watch on TV this fall.

Today's Tell Me More featured an artist whose work focuses on the African-American women of New York City. His new exhibit is called "Bronx Brooklyn Queens."

Over in books, Rachel Syme reviews Erin Morgenstern's heavily hyped first novel, The Night Circus. And the author of a new book called The Black Banners: The Inside Story Of 9/11 And The War Against al-Qaeda told Steve Inskeep on Morning Edition about his experiences interrogating suspects.

As for music, there's a celebration of Bill Monroe, the "father of bluegrass," marking what would have been his 100th birthday. There's a First Listen of Tori Amos' new album Night Of Hunters, and the Song Of The Day from Segun Robert.



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