NPR logo Watch Erik Estrada Get Down On Univision's 'Mira Quien Baila'


Watch Erik Estrada Get Down On Univision's 'Mira Quien Baila'

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Do you love Erik Estrada? Of course you do. He was on CHiPs! He was that motorcycle cop! With the teeth.

Well, now he's 62 years old, and like everyone who once had very prominent beautiful teeth and was a matinee idol of sorts and is now 62 years old, he's dancing on television. Specifically, he's one of the celebrities on Mira Quien Baila, Univision's show (the title translates to Look Who's Dancing) that's very similar in type, let us say, to Dancing With The Stars.

Here, he shakes his booty to the Black Eyed Peas' eternal (meaning never-ending, more than timeless) "I Got A Feeling." My Spanish isn't what it was in high school, but I do know that they tell him — as they would on Dancing — how inspiring it is that a 62-year-old can even move anymore. Some things are the same wherever you go.

Before you chuckle at this, by the way, Mira Quien Baila drew 8.1 million viewers in its premiere episode on Sunday night. Univision is not kidding around, viewership-wise.