Morning Shots: Happy Friday! Here's An Adorable Picture Of Neil Patrick Harris : Monkey See There's something for everyone in today's roundup, whether you like NPH, Will Shortz, Brad Pitt contrition, or Netflix having to take a public position best described as "whoops."
NPR logo Morning Shots: Happy Friday! Here's An Adorable Picture Of Neil Patrick Harris

Morning Shots: Happy Friday! Here's An Adorable Picture Of Neil Patrick Harris

Actor Neil Patrick Harris shows off his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame September 15, 2011. Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

Hey, it's been a while since I just treated you to some unfettered NPH-related swooning. So here he is, Mr. Neil Patrick Harris, getting his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame yesterday.

Looking for something else light for your morning? Best Week Ever has been kind enough to round up some Hunger Games-themed shoes (that's right, you heard me) that are yours for the buying, right on the internet.

How about something a little bit mean, but kind of funny anyway? Sarah Hyland of Modern Family offered E!'s Fashion Police her impression of Lea Michele posing on the red carpet.

Do you have opinions about things you probably shouldn't? Well, then: Is The Real Housewives Of New York City saying farewell to some of its women, including Jill Freaking Zarin? That seems impossible, but when has internet scuttlebutt ever been wrong? (P.S. The answer is "frequently.") I understand Kelly, who doesn't seem to like it anymore, and I understand Alex, and heaven knows I understand Cindy. But who boots Jill Zarin? Okay, I"m done. Pretend I didn't act like I care.

Are you more into morning schadenfreude? The Los Angeles Times has a report on Netflix having to eat some crow over customer response to its price increases, and if you're upset about paying separately for streaming and DVDs, you may enjoy it.

More looking for celebrity gossip, you say? I don't care much about movie-star marriages, but I do know this: It is unnecessary to talk about the wife you left to the press, basically ever. If you follow that simple rule, you don't have to do the little oopsie-daisy dance Brad Pitt is doing right now. Unless you can be like Craig Ferguson and pretty much never speak ill of any woman in your past, leave them alone.

If you're reading this between frantic episodes of worry over the future of Live With Regis And Kelly, TV Guide says they're working on a list of folks who could potentially replace Regis now that he's retiring as of November 18.

I have not forgotten you, utter brainiacs! I keep forgetting to link to this, but The Atlantic had a nifty little look at how Will Shortz edits crossword puzzles.

What if you like the overwrought dramas of the 1980s and/or men with extensive facial hair and feline features? Then you'll be glad to hear that Michael Ausiello at TVLine is reporting that the CW is developing a version of Beauty And The Beast — not the classic story (booo-ring! in the mind of TV executives, no doubt), but the CBS series from the late '80s.