Hey, NPR Music Won An Emmy! : Monkey See Last night, NPR Music's "Project Song" won an Emmy. That gives them the same number of Emmys as Melissa McCarthy!
NPR logo Hey, NPR Music Won An Emmy!

Hey, NPR Music Won An Emmy!

The 32nd Annual News And Documentary Emmy Awards were given out last night. A bunch of people won, I'm sure, blah bling blah, Larry King Lifetime Achievement Award, whatever. Here is your headline: NPR Music won an Emmy in the category New Approaches To News & Documentary Programming: Arts, Lifestyle & Culture, for the "Project Song" video in which Moby and collaborator Kelli Scarr created a song in two days. Well, mostly in one day. In their leftover time, they did a Tiny Desk Concert. Here's the video.


If you promise not to tell them I said so (because they work in the same room with me and it would be SO awkward), I will tell you that NPR Music is not only a treasure trove of great tunes, but also a great lab where they try weird things — like Project Song, and like the Tiny Desks, and like the All Songs Considered 24/7 Music Channel. (Never listened to that last one? Do it now.)

It's a privilege to share the same room with their ethic of informed and passionate enthusiasm and experimentation, and there are several reasons why without NPR Music, there might well be no Monkey See. So before we get on with the day, I shamelessly say: Rah rah. Congratulations, y'all, both in Music and in Multimedia (the multimedia people are also crazy geniuses who have no more room left in their offices for all their awards, and I can say that because I have nothing to do with them either).

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