Morning Shots: Learn From Angry Birds And Robert Downey Jr.

a cup of coffee

Robert Downey Jr. has made some comments to The Los Angeles Times (in a piece that recalls the A.V. Club's "Random Roles" feature) in which he admits that "certain aspects" of Iron Man 2 didn't really work and recalls being "altered as often as not" while filming Home For The Holidays.

Matthew Gilbert of The Boston Globe muses on whether it's much easier for gay actors to come out if they work in television rather than in movies.

I don't disagree with anything said in this interesting New York Times examination of the nature of humor, and endorse it as an excellent way to ruin any joke.

I do disagree with one of the things on this list of things Angry Birds will teach you about life, because to me, none is more important than "if you're not enjoying trying to crack the level anymore, it's perfectly okay to look for a YouTube video on how to do it, because life is too short to torture yourself with a game on your phone."

The resurgence of James Van Der Beek continues as he joins the cast of a live reading of The Breakfast Club that will also feature Patton Oswalt and Mindy Kaling.

If you like zombies on TV, you have lots of company: the return of The Walking Dead on AMC Sunday night got huge ratings — 7.3 million people for basic cable is very, very big.



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