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Pop Culture Happy Hour: Halloween TV, From Homer To Linus And Back

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[Special Update: Hey, y'all. As it turns out, I make the point in this episode that Northern Exposure was a David E. Kelley show, and it totally was not. It was not! This was brain freeze of the worst kind, I didn't check, and I'm so very sorry. It was created by Joshua Brand and John Falsey, to whom I apologize profusely, and you should still watch it. — Linda]

On this week's episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour, we give in to holiday fever and consider the matter of Halloween television. What are our favorite Halloween specials? Let's just say some of the answers — The Simpsons, for example — are more predictable than others.

From there, it's on to the best thing we get to do around here: go around the table tossing out recommendations like so much confetti. Rather than call this segment "We Go Around The Table Recommending Things," we give it a little bit of a concept — namely, something along the lines of, "I talk about how much I like X. Assuming you followed my advice and wound up enjoying X, perhaps you would also enjoy A, B, and C." Or, if you prefer, "Recommended If You Like..."

And then, of course, it's on to another round of What's Making Us Happy. Amazingly, none of us picked the cheap, orange- and black-wrapped Halloween candies with the glop of peanut-butter-like substance in the middle. So you'll just have to listen to the show.

As always, we beseech you to join us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter: me, Trey, Glen, Stephen, and our esteemed producer, Mike Katzif.

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