NPR logo Let's Rush To Judgment: The First Full Trailer For 'The Hunger Games'

Let's Rush To Judgment

Let's Rush To Judgment: The First Full Trailer For 'The Hunger Games'

Well, here it is. A full-length trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of Suzanne Collins' marvelous book The Hunger Games.

They definitely seem to have captured both the weirdly luscious outdoors in which the Games take place and the industrial, bombed-out dystopia that is District 12. I like the crowd watching on the big screen, I like Elizabeth Banks as Effie, and of course, I love the intensity of Jennifer Lawrence in anything.

But I continue to believe that Lawrence's age — she neither is a teenager nor looks like one — makes this a different story; a story about young adults rather than young teenagers, which I think lessens the brutality of a story that is meant to be brutal. She's a marvelous actress, but she doesn't look 16 to me in the slightest, and she certainly doesn't look like someone who could plausibly battle to the death against 12-year-olds. What's interesting is that Josh Hutcherson, who's playing Peeta, has exactly the quality of seeming far too young for battle that I don't see in Lawrence, not because she's not a spectacular actress, but because I just watched her play an adult in the indie romance Like Crazy.

However! Despite those misgivings, I'm excited by the trailer and jazzed about seeing the movie, set for release in March of next year.