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Pop Culture Happy Hour: Muppets, Nostalgia, And Finding Common Ground

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On this week's Pop Culture Happy Hour, we spend some time talking about The Muppets — not just what works and doesn't work ("He did look especially Muppety in this role"), but why, and who owns the objects of our nostalgic affection anyway. How do you, and should you, continue with something beloved when its creator is gone? Everybody gets in on this discussion: me, Stephen Thompson, Trey Graham, Glen Weldon, and our esteemed producer Mike Katzif, there to represent non-fogeys who still grew up loving all things deeply ... felt. (Sorry.)

After that, we move on to a necessary survival skill for the holiday season: finding cultural common ground with your large and diverse family, if that happens to be the company you keep around this time of year. Is it televised seasonal events that all can mock together? Might there be a game you can all play together that's as close as the nearest reference volume? We have lots (and lots) of ideas that might work to keep everybody from warring unnecessarily over the remote.

And then, of course, we move on to what's making us happy this week — animal Tumblrs! Lady Gaga! Great movies! And a huge surprise when one person grabs what would totally be the expected happy-making thing of an entirely different person!

We count on you to stay in touch, so find us on Facebook and tell us your thoughts about nostalgia, holiday entertainment, finding things your family can enjoy together, and lots more.



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