NPR logo Must-Watch Television: Tonight, 'Wait Wait' Comes To BBC America


Must-Watch Television: Tonight, 'Wait Wait' Comes To BBC America

There are some ideas that just sell themselves.

"You should watch this radio show on television" is not one of them, necessarily.

But! But! In this case, in fact, the opportunity to watch Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me! on BBC America tonight at 8:00 p.m. is one you should not miss. Why?

Because you get to see what all these people actually look like. Because you get to see whether they actually make each other laugh or they just pretend to make laughing noises while secretly making thumbs-down gestures. Because it's Carl Kasell on television. Because Neil Gaiman is playing Not My Job. Because it will be fun. Because it's perfect holiday programming to enjoy with your relatives. Fun! Reaches across the generations! Might start a fight but probably not a particularly bad fight!

Check it out. BBC America. Tonight, 8 p.m. It's a public media explosion, people.



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