NPR logo Morning Shots: Harry Potter's Oscar Campaign And Snoop Dogg Playing Plinko


Morning Shots: Harry Potter's Oscar Campaign And Snoop Dogg Playing Plinko

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If you notice that you suddenly have something on your cable system called the NBC Sports Network, don't be alarmed or overly excited: as of yesterday, that's the replacement for the sports network formerly known as Versus, and known before that as OLN. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Hollywood markets to international movie audiences perhaps more than it ever has — with blockbusters in the Harry Potter and Pirates Of The Caribbean franchises making much of their money outside the United States. But that hasn't loosened the U.S. grip on filmmaking. [The Guardian]

And speaking of all things Hogwarts, Warner Brothers is very serious about trying to get some Oscar love for the final Harry Potter movie. It might sound unlikely, but remember the enormous haul for Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King, and it doesn't seem so goofy. [The Guardian]

If you woke up this morning thinking, "What I need is a clip of Snoop Dogg hanging out on The Price Is Right helping a lady win at Plinko," then you are in luck. [The Hollywood Reporter]

You can't really blame Elton John for thinking Justin Timberlake should play him in the upcoming story of his life. I mean, I think we'd all like to see ourselves as Justin Timberlake sometimes. [Slashfilm]

Fans of So You Think You Can Dance learned yesterday that Fox has canceled the weekly results show, meaning the season that starts in May will have to adjust its format a little. As someone who tends to be viciously bored by all results shows, I can only hope every other franchise will one day follow suit if this change is successful for Dance. [The New York Times]