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Pop Culture Happy Hour: Resolutions For An Overloaded 2012

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two splashing glasses i
two splashing glasses

So we couldn't help but noticing, as we stared at the ol' calendar on the wall, that we had to buy a new one, seeing as how it's 2012 these days. And, seeing as how it's 2012 these days, it seemed like a natural time to yak about pop-cultural New Year's resolutions past and present, many of which boil down to variations on "I love popular culture and would really like to ingest more of it." (Unless you are Glen, in which case you're too busy writing your book.) I was not allowed to resolve anything about the Packers winning the Super Bowl again, which means my resolutions are fake and don't count.

From there, inspired by a suggestion from a loyal listener, we went on to tackle the surprisingly far-reaching subject of Pop Culture Overload — what to do when artists we love spray us with a figurative fire hose of their art. When do we give up and tune out, if we do at all? If you actually read all of Stephen King's books (or hear all of Ryan Adams' albums, or watch all of Woody Allen's movies), do the returns diminish? So as not to overload you nice people with the same voices, we even deploy our esteemed producer, Mike Katzif, to glean his insights.

And, as always, we close with What's Making Us Happy: A feast of Australian reality TV! A brightly colored French movie! A pitch-perfect meta-fictional Twitter parody! An advance look at Season 2 of a PCHH favorite!

Hey! Please follow us on Twitter if you feel so inclined: me, Linda, Trey, Glen and Mike. Or find us on Facebook and tell us your own pop-cultural New Year's resolution.



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