NPR logo Morning Shots: Beyonce's Baby Is Almost Definitely Cooler Than Your Company


Morning Shots: Beyonce's Baby Is Almost Definitely Cooler Than Your Company

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We don't have a lot to say about Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby, but you should note that if you own a company and you want to maintain your Google ranking, you should hope that Jay-Z and Beyonce don't have a baby and name it the same thing you named your company. [AdAge]

Never believe people who stomp off Twitter — or at least never believe they'll be gone long. The latest to return from a brief self-imposed hiatus: Alec Baldwin. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The latest from the Department Of Probably Pointless Outrage: Lindsay Lohan is "in early talks," says Deadline, to play Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie. Commence huffing and puffing! [Deadline]

With the unexpected success of the "found footage" film The Devil Inside, there may be quite a few such movies making a splash at your local theater. After all, what's cheaper than cheap-looking? [Vulture]

Today in awards: the Directors Guild of America didn't nominate Steven Spielberg for War Horse, but did nominate David Fincher for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, so that has people who worry about who's going to be nominated for Oscars all aflutter. Do not feel obligated to become one of said people. [The New York Times]

Speaking of awards, the lighthearted film The Artist has been widely praised and widely derided (more as overrated than as actually bad, in the latter case), and perhaps that says something about the rise of contrarianism in film criticism. [The Guardian]

If you missed the analysis yesterday of the revamped CBS morning show (imaginatively titled This Morning, if you didn't know), there are plenty of looks available from critics — try, for instance, Troy Patterson. [Slate]