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Happy Friday! Be Glad Television Doesn't Do THIS Anymore

Now and then, you hear someone reminisce about the popular culture of the past, as if it used to be unthinkable to taint the airwaves with what is truly, honestly problematic to the soul.

Not so.

Courtesy of DailyMotion (and via Metafilter), the fashion show segment of the 1982 special Night Of 100 Stars. What's really remarkable is that I doubt we knew that this was like this, back then. I mean, I'm sure we thought it was corny, but did we really know? I mean, did we look upon Valerie Harper and despair?

So before you become overly concerned that culture can only go downhill, and that you are living in the wrong time, and that any other time would have made you happier, remember this: All these clothes happened once. And for those of us who lived through it, it is our equivalent of walking to school uphill in the snow both ways. You kids today just don't know how good you have it.



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