NPR logo Morning Shots: Hey, You Mess With Nickelback, And They'll Come Back At You


Morning Shots: Hey, You Mess With Nickelback, And They'll Come Back At You

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You'd think Nickelback, perhaps the most teased band ... ever, would be used to your jabs about them by now. But you would be wrong! They've taken to Twitter to tell you enough is enough. [Vulture]

Vanilla Ice impresses hipsters in a sketch from The Soup. You kind of have to see it. [Stereogum]

This isn't even funny. It's kind of great. But it's still my favorite headline of the morning: Justin Bieber Sends Canadian Organ Donor Registrations Soaring. You go, little ... whatever you are. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Katharine McPhee talks about the perils of casting agents not wanting to see you as an actress just because they only know you for being on American Idol. []

Bethenny Frankel: Apprentice: Martha Stewart runner-up, Real Housewife (who wasn't actually a housewife), booze entrepreneur, spin-off featured player, Skating With The Stars participant, and now tryout talk-show host. Look, whatever else you want to say about this lady, she is pretty tenacious about ... making you look at her mug. [Show Tracker]

If you like Bill Lawrence (who created Scrubs and co-created Cougar Town, so why wouldn't you?), you'll be happy to know he's had another comedy pilot picked up by Fox. A year from now, he could be having another show rudely pulled from the schedule! [Deadline]

Adam Lambert, American Idol runner-up from a couple of seasons back, wants to be on Glee, but only playing himself. "Why do I have to be a fictional character?" he asks, about a show where everyone else is playing a fictional character. [The Hollywood Reporter]

For some reason, book judging controversies are like catnip to me. I don't know whether it's because I enjoy seeing dignified people lose their composure or what, but thank goodness the Telegraph has compiled a list. [The Telegraph]