NPR logo Morning Shots: In Breaking News, People Fought In Front Of Colin Firth!


Morning Shots: In Breaking News, People Fought In Front Of Colin Firth!

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Before we get on to the business of the day, we must simply share the most important piece of entertainment news to be breathlessly reported in the last 24 hours: On a flight, some people got in a fight right in front of Colin Firth! And he totally was very calm! (99 percent of the time, I find "Slow news day?" the most ridiculous of observations, but I will make an exception if you would like to say it here.) [E! Online]

The L.A. Times has a nice remembrance of Davy Jones, including the fact that he was already a pretty accomplished guy before The Monkees were a twinkle in anybody's eye. [The Los Angeles Times]

To the surprise of no one, Sony Pictures Classics has picked up the fourth documentary about the West Memphis Three, West Of Memphis, directed by Amy Berg and produced by, among others, Peter Jackson. [Slashfilm]

I can do nothing better for you on the topic of last night's Top Chef finale than to direct you to the Best Week Ever recap, which made me giggle repeatedly out loud before 9:00 in the morning, which is an accomplishment. [Best Week Ever]

What's better than Megan Mullally talking about all the roles she's played in her weird career? Nothing, that's what. [The A.V. Club]

And finally, Vulture offers a look at some of February's best entertainment photography. [Vulture]



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