SXSW Film: Enjoy A Truckload Of Trailers : Monkey See It's almost time to see some movies in Austin, and we're taking your suggestions.
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SXSW Film: Enjoy A Truckload Of Trailers

The trailer for Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me, one of the films at the upcoming South By Southwest film festival.


Beginning this weekend, Monkey See will be covering the South By Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas. While NPR Music has been ensconced at the music festival for some time, this is our first time at the film festival, and I'll also be on a panel on Sunday, March 11, discussing arts criticism on Twitter. (More details here.)

But for now, one of the things on the agenda is figuring out which films to make time for. Fortunately (and also terrifyingly), many of the films have their trailers at the SXSW Film YouTube channel devoted to that purpose. You can see the whole list of films here.

Before I make much of a plan, I want to make sure you all get the opportunity to weigh in on anything that you're particularly interested in or curious about. There's obviously more going on than I could do if I went to the thing ten times, but I want to get the most out of it that I can, and I'm happy to have your ideas.

So this is really an open question: What should I see? What have you heard? What are you interested in?