NPR logo Morning Shots: British Accents, James Bond, And Rearranging The Stars


Morning Shots: British Accents, James Bond, And Rearranging The Stars

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The new appreciation for the very rad Martha Plimpton since she landed her role on Fox's Raising Hope is a great development in actress-liking, and her marvelous interview for the A.V. Club's Random Roles series was my favorite read of the morning. [The A.V. Club]

You may remember that Neil deGrasse Tyson had a few things to say in the past about the stars as represented in Titanic. Now, director James Cameronhas apparently told a British magazine that he tweaked the stars for the re-release in 3D. Oh, nerds. How fine you are in so many ways. [Gawker]

News we are happy to endorse: Carrie Brownstein — who, yes, is on Portlandia and is this awesome musician and so forth but who most importantly used to be an NPR blogger and All Songs Considered contributor — has made a deal to write her memoir. Yes, please. [The New York Times]

The BBC dares to ask: Why do fantasy characters always have British accents? [BBC]

Speaking of fantasies, have you had one where Katniss Everdeen takes you through training so you can participate in your very own dystopian future? Welcome to The Hunger Games Experience! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Tim Robbins, perhaps not aware that one can own a television without watching cable news, has thrown away his television to avoid the phenomenon in which people "yell at the person they object to politically." That never happens when I watch Judge Judy. [The Telegraph]

Comments from Adele suggesting that she'll have a new single out before the end of 2012 have gotten folks talking about whether she'll be doing the theme song for the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. Best tidbit: her competition is ... Michael Buble. Swinging-est car chases ever! Skoobie-dee-doo! [The Guardian]