NPR logo Morning Shots: Pop Culture Baby Names And (Coincidentally) James Van Der Beek


Morning Shots: Pop Culture Baby Names And (Coincidentally) James Van Der Beek

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If you've seen the Texts From Hillary Tumblr, you may have already seen that Hillary Clinton jumped into the fray herself yesterday. But if you didn't, there's photographic evidence. [PRNewser]

Look, I understand that pop culture always influences baby names. (Famous soap opera characters used to lead to baby booms under those names.) But please, if you must name your baby after something in The Hunger Games, DON'T MAKE IT "CATO," OKAY? []

James Van Der Beek is back on weekly television on ABC's Don't Trust The B—— In Apartment 23 playing a twisted version of himself. He talked to Hitfix about his career, his sense of humor about himself, and the difference between real JVDB and fake JVDB. [Hitfix]

[UPDATE: OH DEAR. Now Betty White appears to maybe notbe on Twitter. Original item follows.] My sense last night from my Twitter feed was the opinions were mixed about the news that Betty White has joined Twitter. [Twitter]

One of the side effects of the decline of daytime soaps is that they have a whole media arm that's been developed around them. As AdWeek discusses today, that's hitting the soap magazines (and their chunk of the publishing business) hard. [AdWeek]

Deborah Norville has written for The Hollywood Reporter about the recent back and forth about women on morning news shows. It's an interesting perspective. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The New York Times is on the story of U.S. visa rules that are inhibiting some performers from coming to do shows — including a Spanish singer who recently missed his own show. [The New York Times]



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