NPR logo Morning Shots: Saying No To 'Breaking Bad' And Saying Yes To 'The Lion King'


Morning Shots: Saying No To 'Breaking Bad' And Saying Yes To 'The Lion King'

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The New York Times has an interesting look at the changes in the way the academic world views Mormonism — and if you follow popular culture, I think you see similarly that there are more Mormons talking about being Mormons than there might have been a while ago (and no, I am not talking about Big Love and Sister Wives, but about things like Mormon contestants on reality shows who talk some, but not necessarily a lot, about their faith). [The New York Times]

It turns out FX turned down Breaking Bad, and its president is explaining why. []

I'm not sure what to make of all the press Alec Baldwin is getting right now, but it's entertaining. [Vanity Fair]

Julie Taymor may have gotten more ink for her involvement with Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, but before that, she was also highly regarded for staging The Lion King, which she says she did for the challenge of creating a scaled-down version of a grand Disney vision. [The Atlantic]

If you're planning to make your living as a writer in show business, the news for you is not so good, based on the most recent earnings report. [LA Observed]

The Weather Channel has acquired competitor Weather Underground, which, no matter how it plays out, is likely to feel to some Weather Underground fans like a massive submitting to the man. [Hollywood Reporter]