NPR logo Morning Shots: When They Said 'Have It Your Way,' This Is Not What They Meant


Morning Shots: When They Said 'Have It Your Way,' This Is Not What They Meant

A cup of coffee. i
A cup of coffee.

I normally wouldn't call to your attention the fact that Fergie and Josh Duhamel are having a baby, but come on: her hashtag is adorable. []

Yesterday was not a great day for Burger King, which found its Twitter account hacked for a while by people who turned it into a McDonald's account claiming to have bought BK. [L.A. Times]

I'm getting to it late, but I wouldn't feel right not directing you to last week's BuzzFeed profile of Ken Jennings, which is really interesting and fun. [BuzzFeed]

The Root is taking some time to interview black Academy Award winners, which is a series I'm very glad they're doing — first up is Louis Gossett Jr. [The Root]

If you can forgive the fact that it reads a little like a trend piece in search of a trend, The Wall Street Journal has a take on older gamers. []

"Banksy: overrated purveyor of art-lite," says The Guardian, getting Tuesday off to a provocative start. [The Guardian]

Also from The Guardian, news about Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, which is still spawning litigation, apparently. [The Guardian]



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